International Business Partnership

Effective interaction between business and government

Business events

Organization and holding of business events in St. Petersburg

Business tourism

International business trips and business missions to the regions of Russia

Search partners for a query

Consultations for statement of tasks and search purposes, selection of potential business partners, organization of business meetings

Packing and promotion

Market analysis, strategic planning, product packaging: sales, advertising materials, website, social networks, videos and presentations

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International Business Partnership

International business partnership is a community of entrepreneurs, business, state structures in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, Europe and the US.

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Events and trips

Catalog of international events, our and partner trips and events. For each event we organize business and cultural programs, a business contacts exchange and active networking









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Деловые туры из Санкт-Петербурга

Деловые туры из Санкт-Петербурга

Групповые поездки на международные события в Европе, Китае, СНГ, регионах России

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Корпоративные регаты

Корпоративные регаты

Организация корпоративных регат под ключ, Яхтенные Сезоны

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